VinoSpirit Expérience – Guided Tour

From: 20.00

FULL PACKAGE Guided Tours including Vinoscénies, LiquoStories + Liquorist’s Lil’ Garden and production sites:

Enter a passionate world, go behind the scenes and immerse yourself in our craftsmanship!

The tour is divided into three parts:
– Liquorist’s Lil’ Garden: Let the guide take you into the garden to discover about thirty plants, trees and shrubs used as a basis for macerations and infusions. A tour that will reveal a few secrets about plants.
– Tour of the cellars and the packaging line: Enter a thrilling world where grapes are transformed into subtle nectars…
– Tour of the distillery: stills and maceration vats, etc. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the ancestral craftsmanship and the stills where the prestigious spirits come to life.

Tour times: Monday – Saturday, 10 am and 3 pm
Guided tour
Duration: 2 hrs.