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General Terms and Conditions

Except in the case of a specific condition resulting from a prior written and special agreement between the customer and our Company whose commercial name is “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM, the present General Terms and Conditions alone shall apply to all transactions concluded. The present Terms and Conditions are all legally binding and without their tacit or explicit acceptance, our Company would not have concluded a contract. They automatically cancel and replace the usual General Terms and Conditions of purchase applicable to our customers at the time of their online purchase as well as any documents resulting from them and may not, under any circumstances, be disregarded.   


All prices are quoted in Euros and include all taxes.  Transportation, delivery or processing fees are not included in our prices. They will be specified at the time of your order and indicated on your order form. The total amount invoiced will take those fees into account. “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM reserves the right to modify its prices without notice and at any time. However, if a change occurs after validation of your order, “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM will not modify the price indicated. In the event of a change in the VAT rate in effect, the change, whether an increase or decrease, may be immediately applied to the price of the products and services, even after the order has been confirmed.

Payment Methods

To facilitate your purchase, you may pay for your order using the following payment method that suits you best: All cards with the CB symbol (Visa and Mastercard), and via PAYPAL.

Secure Payment

To ensure secure communications with our customers, we use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, a secure method for payment of the goods and services sold. SNEVCM uses Crédit Agricole’s secure online payment solution. Depending on the buyer’s web browser, payment security is based on the following protocols: SSL for buyers using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. SSL uses a cryptographic protocol of public/private encryption keys and authentication developed by RSA Data Security Inc.  The SSL protocol performs key management and server authentication before the data is transmitted. Each message is sent to the merchant server in compliance with the ISO 8583 standard. The data is protected when the order is being transmitted. The entire process, managed by the browser software and our server, is completely transparent to the user. “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM never has access to its customers’ card numbers or card security codes, which are transmitted to Crédit Agricole in secure mode.

It is also possible to pay for your purchases by cheque, made out to: “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM. Your order will not be taken into account until receipt of your cheque.

Reservation of Ownership

All goods that have been sold remain the sole property of our Company until the buyer fulfils all his/her obligations and especially until payment has been made in full.
Payment shall be understood to mean either the cashing of cheques or payment by bank card. 
During the Reservation of Ownership period in favour of our Company, the said goods must be insured by the customer. Our Company may invoke the present clause five days after a formal notice by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt sent to the buyer and which has remained wholly or partially unheeded during that period, in the event of the buyer’s non-fulfilment of any of his/her obligations.

Delivery and Lead Times

Delivery rates are for all deliveries in mainland France*.

Orders for deliveries outside of mainland France cannot be placed through our internet platform.

For all deliveries abroad, please contact us by email:

Wines are delivered by carrier.

Les délais de livraison sont purement indicatifs. Ils ne commencent à courir qu’à compter de la date à laquelle nous sommes en possession de tous les renseignements complets notamment quant à la livraison. La date de mise à disposition ou d’envoi est seule considérée comme terme à nos délais. Les

Delivery times are given as an indication only. They only come into effect as from the date on which we have all the required information, in particular pertaining to the delivery. The shipment or availability date shall be considered the sole term for our lead times. Delays may not, under any circumstances, give rise to penalties or compensation of any kind.

If the buyer does not take delivery of goods on the delivery date, our Company may, at the buyer’s exclusive expense and risk, provide for the removal, storage and insurance of said goods, with our Company declining any subsequent liability in relation thereto. 

Our Company’s obligations shall be automatically suspended and without formality, and our liability absolved, due to the occurrence of any event such as: fire, work stoppage of any kind, lockout, flooding, shortage of raw materials, damage to equipment, parts rejected during manufacture, lack of means of transport, impossibility or difficulty in importing or exporting, in particular due to public authorities, occurring on our premises, our suppliers’ or carriers’ premises, as well as in the event of any circumstances intervening after the conclusion of the contract and preventing its fulfilment under normal conditions by our Company. “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM is committed to ensuring that the delivery times indicated are complied with as closely as possible, by virtue of the contracts signed with the service providers involved in package deliveries. The delivery times specified by “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM correspond to average processing and delivery times.

In the event of delay or non-compliance of delivery times, “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM shall inform you immediately and propose either a new delivery time or the full cancellation of your order along with a refund.


Our Company shall be automatically relieved of all liability as soon as proper clearance has been given by the customer upon delivery. In the event of delay, damage, partial or total loss, the customer must file, if necessary, a claim against the carrier in accordance with the provisions of Article 133 of French Trade Laws (Code du Commerce). In all circumstances, our goods travel at the recipient’s risk, which is deemed to be at the lowest rate.

Personal Data

Your email address is solely used to send you our newsletter and information about CHÂTEAU DE SAINT MARTIN activities. You can always unsubscribe via the link included in the newsletter.

The information submitted to our services when you place an order is only used to process it. In accordance with French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés) n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 regarding data processing, files and freedoms, you have the right to access, rectify, modify, consult and delete any data concerning you.

Intellectual Property

The content of this website, whether or not the property of “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM, is protected worldwide by intellectual property rights. Any reproduction or use shall be limited to personal and private use, and is prohibited outside of that context. Any reproduction of the documentation is strictly prohibited without written consent from our services or the holder of the property rights. Published texts, images, logos, cryptograms or photographs are subject to intellectual property rights. Any reproduction, in whole or in part, of any element on this website, by any means whatsoever, made without prior consent is illegal (Article L122.4 of the French Intellectual Property Code). The violation of the author’s rights would constitute an infringement punishable by articles L335.2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.


“CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM has partners and offers them the possibility of setting up links from our website to theirs. The liability of “CHATEAU DE SAINT MARTIN” – SNEVCM is therefore totally absolved when a web user leaves our website to access another one.


In the event of any dispute relating to our sales, the Commercial Court of Marseille shall have sole jurisdiction, regardless of the method of payment accepted, even in the event of a claim for contribution from third parties or multiple defendants, the means of payment, acceptance of payment or delivery, shall not constitute a novation or derogation from the present clause.

The total or partial non-payment by the payment due date shall automatically entail the default of all outstanding debts, invoices and bills of exchange, for all sales in progress.

In the event of late payment on the contractual dates, or of partial payment, the amounts due shall automatically and without formality bear interest at double the base rate set by the BANQUE DE FRANCE in effect at the time, until full payment.