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The History of Château de Saint-Martin

One of the greatest riches of the Château de Saint-Martin in Taradeau is none other than its history.

Through the ages, civilisations and generations, discover the facets of Château de Saint-Martin and the faces of the great French family that took up its reins in 1750.

Such a fascinating family tree!

Already inhabited in prehistoric times, it wasn’t until the Gallo-Roman era that the site really came into its own.

Château de Saint-Martin – Taradeau

The Roman Past

ensemble architectural gallo-romain
The Saint-Martin Gallo-Roman architectural complex

The Saint-Martin Gallo-Roman architectural complex

With a surface area of 10,000m², the outstanding Gallo-Roman architectural complex, still visible today, is the only rural site in the Var inhabited for 8 centuries without interruption, thus testifying to the attractiveness of the place and its wine-growing area for the Roman pioneers and their descendants.

The Wine Priory

After the Merovingians, monks came to settle here and began a wine priory.

Among other things, they left a superb underground cellar where Vinoscénies, theme-based meals and cocktail parties are now held.

This cellar is remarkable for its elliptical arch, its double openings, and the cut of the stones, which are very evenly set, like in Roman buildings.

The Underground Cellar

A Family History

The history of the estate can also be told in the feminine, with both strong-minded and kind women…

In 1740, the monks’ former priory was bought by the Marquis de Villeneuve Bargemon, who had the Château built as a dowry for the marriage of his daughter Marie-Anne to the Count of Juigné. Since 1740, the Château has almost always been passed down from one Countess to another, with the exception of the Count of Rohan-Chabot, a well-known figure in the world of wine and grandfather of the current owner Adeline de Barry, who represents the family’s 11th generation.

A new adventure with the Liquoristerie de Provence

In 2018, Adeline and Renaud de Barry brought the Liquoristerie de Provence back into the family fold. It is a premium artisanal company that produces absinthes, pastis, liqueurs and spirits at the Château de Saint Martin estate.

It’s an opportunity to be introduced to wines and spirits as well as all the activities related to those two worlds, in a single place.

Liquoristerie de Provence