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What’s on at Château de Saint Martin


Journée de la Gastronomie

Journée de la Gastronomie (Gastronomy Day), co-organised with the Toques Blanches, is a day for getting together and sharing with great chefs and great producers from the Côte d’Azur and the Var in this venue where gastronomy is taken seriously!

Gastronomy Day is the result of Château de Saint Martin owner Adeline de Barry meeting Jean-Louis Rizzo, a Toques Blanches* chef 

Open to the public, some of the day’s highlights include:

  • Culinary demos by chefs
  • Lunch prepared by chefs (reservation required)
  • Bakery and Pastry Workshops
  • Tour of the cellars and wine tasting
  • Gourmet food stalls

*More than just a group, the Toques Blanches is a club of chefs that share three main values:

– a pledge to quality and respect for our culinary tradition classified as world heritage

– a willingness to teach and transmit our know-how throughout France and worldwide

– a commitment to recruit and mentor young talented chefs in France and abroad in order to promote culinary professions.

Rire en Vignes 

Rire en Vignes
Julie Victor
Viktor Vincent
Eric Antoine
Bruno Salomone
JeanFi Janssens
Oldelaf et Alain Berthier
Rire en Vignes
Rire en Vignes

Since 2014, and exclusively in the Var, alongside Rire en Vignes, we’ve been hosting an intimate, epicurean festival where laughter and conviviality are omnipresent.

Sharing some genuine humorous and gourmet experiences while tasting the Château’s wines and a variety of dishes thanks to the presence of several food trucks.

  • 800-900 attendees during the 2-day festival
  • A bunch of talented performers such as Jean Luc Lemoine, Jérémy Ferrari, Eric Antoine, Walter, Jérôme Daran, Julie Victor, Guillaume Batz, Laura Laune, Oldelaf et Alain Berthier, Alex Vizorek, Jean-Fi Janssens, Viktor Vincent, Doully, Et elles vécurent heureuses (And they lived happily ever after), Antonia de Rendinger, Bruno Salomone….

The event’s artistic director has given the Rire en Vignes festival the glamour, elegance, madness, nonsense, technical and artistic perfection that the audience deserves. In short, a one-of-a-kind comedy festival, with an extra-special welcome for the performers and audience alike, in an enchanting, picturesque setting…

Le Gros Souper de Noël (Big Christmas Supper)

Once upon a time at Château de Saint-Martin: it was Christmas!  

The Gros Souper de Noël is a festive supper that celebrates Provençal Christmas gastronomy combined with the character and elegance of the Château’s wines.

The increasingly popular initiative is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year.

In Provence, even more than elsewhere, the Christmas holidays are rich and complex. From one generation to the next, the rituals have been handed down and embellished from one village to another with variations on the theme depending on local resources.

Château de Saint-Martin, packed with history and its existence for the past 2200 years, knows how to make those traditions enjoyable and live on in both a festive atmosphere and original 18th century setting, whether you’re a Provençal native, just love the region or have adopted it as home.

Every year, our Big Christmas Supper gives visitors the opportunity to discover a different local chef who has to use his or her imagination AND comply with a list of imposed dishes. The chefs, chosen for their culinary talents, must also share our Commitments and our Art-de-Vivre!

The supper: 7 “lean” dishes, 7 wines and 13 desserts

An aperitif and a dinner with live music!

Tambourines and galoubets (three-hole pipes), operettas or world music, music is featured at every Big Christmas Supper!

Chefs who have played a role in the success of the Gros Souper de Noël since 2004:

Not to mention Gilles Hardouin, Muriel and Géraldine or Patrice Lafon.

Extend the experience at the castle

Discover the production of our classified growths, our selection and our specialities.

The Château de Saint Martin is also a range of elegant and refined Crus Classés wines to discover.

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