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Rire en Vignes 2022 Comedy Festival

Make way for laughter and (offbeat) humour on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 July 2021 at RIRE EN VIGNES!

Year after year, RIRE EN VIGNES has established itself as a festival where humour rhymes with sharing and good wine. On 29 and 30 July 2021, the festival will give you your fill of humour, relaxation and a refreshing atmosphere.

Held in the open air, on 2 hectares at Château de Saint-Martin, a wine estate in Taradeau (Var), RIRE EN VIGNES offers several food and beverage options on the estate’s bucolic grounds.

For wine and spirits enthusiasts, there’s a tasting of the estate’s mid-range wines and spirits.

An ideal destination for getting together with family and friends in complete safety, with audience seating and the stage for both shows set up outside.

PROGRAMME 29 July 2021 – Égoïste

Everyone is looking for True Love. OLIVIA MOORE has found it: it’s her! In ÉGOÏSTE – her 2nd one-woman show – she talks about seduction, couples, children, parents, male and female friends and sex… So many opportunities to look for love, recognition, affection and enjoyment… and so many opportunities to be disappointed. After a burnout, divorce and first show Mère Indigne (Unworthy Mother), with ÉGOÏSTE, Olivia Moore defends the idea that we are entitled to wanting to be freer in our relationships with others, whatever those relationships may be, but not be banned from life in society all the same.

With her “daring humour” and “irresistible straightforwardness”, Olivia Moore is also very popular on social media where her videos like Être femme, c’est pourri… (Being a woman is rotten…) have been viewed millions of times


On your marks… Get set…! Get married? Gil is going to say “I do” and live the happiest day of his life… His Wedding Day! And to get ready for the BIG DAY, he calls on Ben, his childhood friend. At a frenetic pace, the two guys will take us through the planning meant to make the future day a huge success. They’ll cross paths with a series of characters, each one crazier and more eccentric than the next. May love and humour come together as one! GIL and BEN are back together for better or for…laughter.

Gil and Ben are more than anything love at first sight on both a human and artistic level. Gil Alma has a 13-year career and 35 films and series under his belt, including the leading role in Nos chers voisins (Our Dear Neighbours) on the French TV channel, TF1. Plus 150 dates with “One” and 90 knock-out standing ovations for Ben. All the ingredients it takes for a popular show in the noblest sense of the word.


Created in 2014, the Rire en Vignes Festival has already made itself a bit of a reputation! Thanks to the festival, some real comedy gems have performed in Taradeau.
Including: Jérémy Ferrari, Laura Laune, Guillaume Bats, Eric Antoine, Walter, Julie Victor, Jérome Daran, Jean-Luc Lemoine, Oldelaf, Alain Berthier, Alex Vizorek et Walter, Doully, the Leslie Bevillard trio, Marie Cécile Sautreau & Vanessa Fery and, in 2020, Bruno Salomone and Antonia de Rendinger.

“Since 2014, alongside Rire en Vignes, we’ve been hosting an intimate, epicurean festival where laughter is omnipresent. Every year, we share some genuine humorous and gourmet experiences, in particular while tasting top-of-the-range Cru Classé wines from Château de Saint Martin. Much to our pleasure, festival-goers come back year after year and we’ve succeeded in making this event as popular with locals as with tourists.” – Adeline de Barry

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